Evidence Mounts That Eiza Gonzalez Is Playing The DCEU’s Catwoman

A couple of months ago, Eiza Gonzalez became the latest name thrown into the ring to play Catwoman in the DC Extended Universe. It was a bit of flimsy reason, though, seeing as the rumour stemmed from the actress just posting a photo of herself in some form-hugging black clothing on Instagram. Now, however, we have additional evidence suggesting that the Baby Driver star might be playing Selina Kyle, and it’s a lot more believable this time.

Again, we have to head to one of Gonzalez’s social media accounts for the lead, as she has recently posted a photo on her Snapchat which reveals that she’s visiting the Warner Bros. lot. Eagle-eyed Reddit user @Batwing4Eva first shared the image, alerting fans to what it could mean:

If you’re still not convinced that the actress visiting WB equals her joining the DC universe, you should know there’s another piece of the puzzle which gives us a conclusive link between Gonzalez and the DC team. That being that she’s followed by DC chief Geoff Johns on Twitter, and the pair have exchanged a few Tweets as well. Though this might be seem like nothing, many casting decisions have been rumbled by watching Johns’ Twitter account in the past (see: Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke).

Previously, Haley Bennett was also linked with the role of Selina Kyle, as well as the likes of Game of ThronesLena Headley and Legion‘s Aubrey Plaza, who both put their names forward to be considered, too. Seeing as Gotham City Sirens is yet to nab a release date though, it’s not like DC have a deadline to find the perfect Catwoman and as such, we shouldn’t expect an announcement anytime soon. Still, it’s always fun to speculate and you can let us know what you make of Gonzalez’s latest social media post in the usual place.