Elementary School Cancels Halloween For Not Being Inclusive


Halloween is one of the best days of the entire year. It’s so great, in fact, that people want to permanently move it to Saturday in order to have the most fun possible. That’d make sense, too, as everyone loves dressing up in costume and filling up on candy all day long.

That is, unless you’re a kid who goes to Lincoln Elementary School in Evanston, Illinois. Then it’s just like any other regular day, as Principal Michelle Cooney has decided cancel the beloved holiday this year due to a fear of a lack of inclusiveness. Though this might sound like the plot of a silly kid’s movie, it’s actually very real.

Here’s Cooney’s own words on the decision:

“While we recognize that Halloween is a fun tradition for many families, it is not a holiday that is celebrated by all members of our school community and for various reasons… There are also inequities in how we have traditionally observed the holiday as part of our school day. Our goal at Lincoln is to provide space and opportunities for all students to be part of the community — not to create an environment that may feel exclusive or unwelcoming to any child.”

This drastic measure means that there will be no festivities or classroom parties on October 31st throughout the school day. Furthermore, students and faculty will strictly be prohibited from wearing costumes and eating candy during the holiday. And in a pathetic attempt to make up for this cancellation, the students will be given what’s being called a “fall celebration” the next day on November 1st.

As one would imagine, many students and parents aren’t thrilled with what’s happening. The vast majority of us don’t even live anywhere near Evanston, yet are still unhappy with the news. Halloween is supposed to be a day of fun for children that breaks up an otherwise monotonous school routine. It allows them to express themselves and dress up as the characters they’ve always wanted to be. Now, the students at Lincoln Elementary School are being deprived of that.

What do you think about this decision, though? Be sure to sound off in the comments and give us your thoughts on the principal’s decision to ban Halloween.