Elizabeth Olsen reveals she wasn’t on set for ‘Doctor Strange 2’ reshoots

scarlet witch doctor strange
Image via Marvel Studios

One of the most convenient things about the constantly-evolving advances in visual effects technology is that reshoots are no longer obligated to gather the entire principal cast together in the same place at the same time to capture additional footage, something Elizabeth Olsen has confirmed to be the case with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Given that the 28th feature-length installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe underwent extra photography that could generously be described as extensive, you’d have imagined the actress who takes second billing in the credits behind Benedict Cumberbatch’s title hero would have been required.

However, Olsen somewhat surprisingly revealed to Collider that not only was she absent for the entirety of the reshoots due to prior obligations, but there were plenty of co-stars she interacts with onscreen that she didn’t even meet face-to-face.

“I haven’t seen it. I wasn’t at the reshoots. I was filming something else, so I ADRed all my reshoots. I never met lots of people in the movie. Also, we were acting with ourselves as well. There’s a lot of acting with an imagination that we get to do, which is a challenge and a joy. There’s part of it that feels really imaginative and childlike that we get to do.

Also, this script was always a moving object. It was never something that was set in stone. I wasn’t surprised when they were doing the reshoots. I knew that the reshoots didn’t affect my arc so much. When it did affect me, I just did voiceover work for it.”

From the sounds of things, Wanda Maximoff’s journey from beginning to end wasn’t altered too heavily, if the Multiverse of Madness crew didn’t even require her to be physically present when scenes were being added, removed, and altered.