Elizabeth Olsen Wants Scarlet Witch To Play With Spider-Man


Avengers: Infinity War gave us some awesome new hero crossovers, some of which we’d been waiting years for – like Doctor Strange and Iron Man – and some of which we didn’t know we wanted until they happened, like that moment between Captain America and Groot. That said, there are still many others that have yet to be explored, and Scarlet Witch star Elizabeth Olsen has suggested one more she’d like to see.

While holding a Q&A panel at ACE Comic-Con in Seattle this weekend, the actress, who’s played Wanda Maximoff in the MCU since 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, was asked which of her fellow Marvel heroes she’d like to be paired up with next. Olsen seemed to have only one option on her mind: Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

“I kind of want to play with Spider-Man, right? He’s cute. And he’s really funny. I think Holland’s killing it and he’s so, so fun.”

In Infinity War, Wanda and Peter Parker never crossed paths, as Scarlet Witch was earthbound in Wakanda while Spidey accompanied Iron Man into space. The two did star in the same film in Captain America: Civil War, but they were on opposing sides of the conflict over the Sokovia Accords. Not only that but unfortunately, it would seem that any opportunity for the pair to properly interact has passed, as the two heroes were tragically reduced to dust by Thanos’ Snap of Doom.

That being said, we’re pretty sure that they’ll both be resurrected. For Olsen’s part, she’s already said she’d be up for many more movies as Scarlet Witch and has even suggested a House of M adaptation that focuses on Wanda and Vision’s family life. I guess we’ll find out if both that and her team-up with Spider-Man are possible when Avengers 4 rolls around next May.

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