Elizabeth Olsen won’t stand for snobbery claiming the MCU isn’t cinema

scarlet witch

Ever since Martin Scorsese opened his mouth to decry the artistic and cinematic merits of superhero cinema and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he was swiftly joined by fellow legend Francis Ford Coppola to double up on old men yelling at clouds, it’s become a standard question for virtually every high-profile star or filmmaker when they’re out there promoting their latest project.

Despite what the opposing factions may want you to believe, people are allowed to enjoy both independent arthouse films and $200 million comic book adaptations, with Elizabeth Olsen revealing her dismay at the lack of appreciation and genuine credit being pointed in the direction of the MCU.

The longtime Scarlet Witch, who lest we forget landed Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for her acclaimed turn in WandaVision, opened up to The Independent about the criticism.

“I’m not saying we’re making indie art films, but I just think it takes away from our crew, which bugs me. These are some of the most amazing set designers, costume designers, camera operators – I feel diminishing them with that kind of criticism takes away from all the people who do award-winning films, that also work on these projects.

From an actor’s point of view, whatever, I get it; I totally understand that there’s a different kind of performance that’s happening. But I do think throwing Marvel under the bus takes away from the hundreds of very talented crew people. That’s where I get a little feisty about that.”

You can’t say she’s not wrong, with hundreds of talented cast and crew members working extremely hard to put these effects-driven spectaculars together, and they deserve immense credit regardless of what the snobs think.