Elizabeth Olsen would love to be reunited with Paul Bettany in the MCU


Wanda and Vision had such a love for one another that Marvel had to create a show just for the two characters, even if one of them was technically deceased.

It would seem that the actors care a great deal for each other as well, with Elizabeth Olsen stating she would love to work with co-star Paul Bettany once again. With the way WandaVision ended, it isn’t entirely off the cards. In an interview with ComicBook, the front half of the titular duo expressed her desire to continue their ongoing onscreen romance.

“Yeah! I always want to be reunited with Paul Bettany painted faces. that face is amazing.”

WandaVision has left it a little open-ended as to whether or not we will see the synthezoid again, but it may not be the version we have come to know so far. S.W.O.R.D, the governmental intelligence agency, took ownership of Vision’s now broken body and (against his own wishes) reanimated him, sans the soul stone.

The result of this was White Vision, a sentient weapon that was told to find and destroy Wanda due to the threat she and her Hex posed. White Vision is confronted by Wanda’s Vision and they battle, arguing about who is real, using the Ship of Theseus debate, with Vision eventually unlocking his opposite number’s memories.

This allows Vision to return in future MCU projects, though there has been nothing confirmed so far. Fans have pointed out his absence as a major plot hole in Sam Raimi’s sequel, but there’s no doubt an explanation coming somewhere down the line.

You can now see Wanda as she helps Stephen Strange in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, now in cinemas.