Emily Blunt Reportedly Passes On Fantastic Four Reboot, Won’t Play Invisible Woman

Fantastic Four

For the longest time, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have been the frontrunners to lead Marvel’s Fantastic Four reboot. Rumors have swirled that the couple are in talks to land the roles of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, with them also having addressed the topic in interviews. Still, even with the movie being officially greenlit a few months ago, no casting has been confirmed. And it’s possible that negotiations with the duo may be breaking down.

Small Screen is reporting that Emily Blunt is no longer in the running for the Invisible Woman in the MCU. According to a source the outlet describes as being close to Marvel Studios, Blunt has ultimately decided to pass on a deal with Marvel. If she’d signed up, she would’ve been locked in for multiple projects and SS writes that the actress was uncomfortable about putting her family – her and Krasinski have two young children – through that demanding schedule.

As for what this means for her husband maybe taking on the part of Mr. Fantastic, Small Screen’s intel is inconclusive and they note that there’ve been no new developments on this front for a while. The source confirms, however, that it was Marvel’s intention to cast Krasinski and Blunt as a package deal, so if his wife is pulling out, then that does heavily suggest The Office star is going to do the same.

This information somewhat dovetails with a separate report that recently emerged which claimed Marvel was pivoting to a new track with their Fantastic Four casting and was committed to diversifying the hero team’s roster. Remember, Kang the Conqueror – Reed Richards’ descendant – is being played by black actor Jonathan Majors in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. So, it’s possible the studio is looking for a person of color for Mr. Fantastic at this point.

Tell us, though, if it can’t be Krasinski and Blunt, who do you want to see play Reed and Sue in the MCU? Share your choices in the comments section below.