Emily Blunt Says She Knows The Basics Of A Quiet Place 2’s Plot


With the still-untitled A Quiet Place 2 over sixteen months away from release, much of the news we’ve been hearing about John Krasinski’s horror sequel has been tantalizingly vague, but while the latest update from actress Emily Blunt is no different, she at least offers an indication that the writer has some of the basic elements of the story worked out.

The star of Mary Poppins Returns told Entertainment Tonight that she’d “get in trouble” if she gave away too much, but assured us that she has an idea of the direction that her husband Krasinski is heading in with the project.

“I know all, I know everything,” Blunt joked. “No, I know enough. But he’s also writing, so he’s in that sort of vortex. And then I’m sure I’ll read stuff eventually. But I know the basics.”

Krasinski has hinted in the past that he’s more interested in further exploring the unusual world introduced in the first movie than continuing the story of the Abbott family, explaining that he’d like to look at this post-apocalyptic reality “from another perspective.”

Whether that means Blunt will have less of a role in A Quiet Place 2 remains to be seen, but as it stands, the actress seems happy to be involved in the horror saga, recalling how the first installment formed an important part of a “very special, very surreal year” for the star.

“It’s not anything that we ever expected, certainly for our film we did, for it to have this stratospheric life that it did. And for it to be embraced in the way it was and the fact that we did it together, it’s still very surreal,” Blunt said. “It’s hard for us to absorb that it had this beyond positive outcome, and then into Mary Poppins [Returns], which is like the antithesis of A Quiet Place. It’s sort of all I’ve ever wanted is to be able to diversify in that way.”

Once the first film exceeded expectations at the box office, a sequel was pretty much inevitable, but as Paramount started taking pitches for the follow-up, Krasinski was initially hesitant about getting involved.

Of course, the filmmaker eventually came around, with the writer claiming recently that he has “sort of a parental feeling” about the first movie, and that he wanted to make sure that the next installment stays true to its spirit. We’ll find out if A Quiet Place 2 can live up to Krasinski’s own standards when the film hits theaters on May 15th, 2020.