Watch: Emperor Palpatine Struggles Through Self-Quarantine In Hilarious Video


Even a Sith Lord as powerful as Emperor Palpatine has decided to quarantine himself amid the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus, so I guess the only question that remains is; who are we to do otherwise?

The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to spread at a concerning speed. It was just a week ago when there were only 500,000 patients diagnosed with the infectious disease. Now, more than 1.15 million have contracted the virus and the death toll has risen to over 62,000 people. Governments and health officials are still urging the population to avoid unnecessary trips and self-isolate for the time being. Of course, while this matter should be taken utterly seriously, that hasn’t stopped the folks at the How It Should Have Ended YouTube channel from giving us a new video in their popular “Villain Pub” series. Only this time around, the clip not only manages to get a few chuckles out of us, but also movingly reflect the difficulties of these trying times.

And the star of it all? The evil Emperor Palpatine. As seen above, Darth Sidious starts out in the usual pub by kicking out the other villains (including Thanos and Voldemort) and urging them to self-quarantine. He then proceeds to disinfect every inch of the place, until inevitably succumbing to boredom. The former emperor even decides to play a bit of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and take several jabs at The Rise of Skywalker, all the while not forgetting to also make fun of his other nefarious friends, whom he dearly misses.

Apparently, the COVID-19 can even make someone as evil as Sheev Palpatine soft by showing what we all took for granted before the pandemic winded through the world and forced us into practicing social distancing.

At this rate, it’s difficult to determine when we’ll truly be out of the woods, but let’s all take a page out of Emperor Palpatine‘s book and self-quarantine to help the medical personnel all around the globe, who are currently fighting the disease with their blood, sweat and tears.