‘Enchanted’ sequel ‘Disenchanted’ undergoing reshoots next month


2007’s Enchanted was a wonderful surprise from Disney. Though it was far from the first time that the fairytale princess tale had been subverted and satirized, incredible performances from Amy Adams, James Marsden, Timothy Spall, and Susan Sarandon together with toe-tapping tunes from Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz made it a hit.

Now, 15 years later, we’re finally getting a sequel. Disenchantment has been in development for years, with the synopsis indicating we’ll see the premise inverted as characters from ‘our’ world will be dragged to the animated kingdom of Andalasia. But the path to its Disney Plus premiere may have a few bumps.

The Disinsider is reporting that reshoots for the film will be taking place in New York in April after the first test screenings received “mixed reactions.” This could mean that large portions of the movie are being substantially reworked (potentially leading to a delay to the release) or that they’re simply tweaking a few scenes to get rid of some specific audience complaints.


The sequel will also see new songs from Menken and Schwartz, with Frozen star Idina Menzel getting two songs in her role as ‘Nancy Tremaine.’ Right now we don’t have an exact date other than ‘late 2022,’ so perhaps this could eventually slip into a 2023 release date as Disney irons out the kinks in the movie.

A sequel coming after such a long wait can be a tricky proposition, but as a fan of the first movie, I’m hoping Disenchantment can capture the offbeat magic that made the original such a treat.

Enchantment is available to stream on Disney Plus.