Enola Holmes Sequels Will Reportedly Introduce More Sherlock Characters

Enola Holmes
Image via Netflix

It’s hard to gauge how Enola Holmes would have fared as a theatrical release had Warner Bros. not sold the distribution rights to the project off to Netflix as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. It definitely worked out very well for the streaming service in the end, though, with Millie Bobby Brown’s titular sleuth headlining one of the platform’s most-watched original movies ever that drew in 78 million streams in the first four weeks it was available after being added to the library in September.

As well as the huge audience numbers, Enola Holmes also scored rave reviews from critics, and it holds an impressive 91% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Netflix are going all-in on the Sherlock business, too, with The Irregulars recently debuting, while both Sherlock Junior and Sherlock’s Daughter are in the works. Not to mention Enola director Harry Bradbeer admitting that he’d love to helm anywhere up to five sequels.

A second installment hasn’t officially been given the green light as of yet, but it’s definitely happening one way or another, and we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us an Extraction sequel was in development – that the continuing adventures of Enola Holmes will introduce more famous figures from the Sherlock mythology.

The first movie was largely based on the opening novel of Nancy Springer’s eponymous book series The Case of the Missing Marquess, and there are still five more left to go. On the page at least, Enola Holmes didn’t incorporate too many Sherlock alumni, but a combination of the character’s public domain status and creative license means that we could be seeing a lot more of her brother’s allies and enemies appearing in the Netflix adaptations.