Entourage Movie Delayed Due To Salary Negotiations


Ever since HBO’s Entourage went off the air a couple of years ago, fans have been clamouring for the show to hit the silver screen. Rumors regarding a feature-film version of the series have been around for a while and earlier this year, Warner Bros. gave the green light.

Production was supposed to get underway in May but as we now know, that never happened. There seems to be a bit of a delay and apparently, it’s because Adrian Grenier and Jerry Ferrara, who play Vince and Turtle, respectively, want raises and still haven’t finalized negotiations.

Though they do have bargaining power, as the film can’t be made without them, I can easily see the studio just scrapping the project all together if this goes on for much longer.

After all, director Doug Ellin has stated in the past that he isn’t too hopeful that the film will ever get off the ground. As a big fan of the show, I’m really hoping that it does. I love Entourage, I’ve seen every episode multiple times and am very eager to see the return of Ari, Vince and the whole gang. Unfortunately though, it just doesn’t look like this film is going to head into production anytime soon, if ever.

Still, as a diehard fan, I’m remaining optimistic and will continue to sit here with my fingers crossed, waiting to hear that the Entourage film has finally started shooting.

Tell us, do you think the film will ever get off the ground? Let us know in the comments below.