Epic New TV Spot For Furious 7 Airs During The Super Bowl


TV spots airing for the Fast and Furious series during the Super Bowl are nothing new, and in keeping with tradition, Universal unveiled a new promo for Furious 7 tonight. As per usual, the footage here is absolutely epic, showing off over-the-top stunts, flying cars (yes, we’re serious about that), massive explosions, a familiar cast and more.

A lot of people had their hesitations about this instalment in the long running series, what with James Wan taking over directing duties and production delays due to Paul Walker’s death. However, it really looks like the studio was able to pull it together here and as of now, I have no doubt that they’ll deliver another exciting entry in the high-octane franchise.

Furious 7 drives into theatres on April 3rd. Check out the new TV spot above and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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