Eternals’ Barry Keoghan Confident He Could “Take On The Avengers” Easily

Barry Keoghan may have made waves back when he starred in The Killing of a Sacred Deer, but it’s his role as Druig in Eternals that has fans all in a tizzy. Fans have been thirsting for him ever since. While Ant-Man‘s Paul Rudd is currently the sexiest man alive, the internet believes Rudd has some serious competition going forward.

In fact, Keoghan seems to think that the Eternals could absolutely take on Ant-Man and his other friends in the Avengers in a fight or, perhaps, he could even just do it all on his own. Check out his confident boasting in the post below.

A ton of fans are standing behind him on the subject as they think Druig with his mind-control powers would absolutely decimate the Avengers in any fight. With the Eternals by his side, it seems that the outcome is a no-brainer.

It’s no surprise that the fan-cam makers are on Druig’s side.

When should we expect an Eternals vs. Avengers movie?

Of course, some fans have something else on their minds entirely.

So what do you think? Could the Eternals take down the Avengers? Could Barry Keoghan’s Druig do it all by himself? Drop your thoughts in the comments!