‘Eternals’ comic book writer explains how Ikaris could return as Galactus


The impending release of Spider-Man: No Way Home may have shoved it down the Marvel Cinematic Universe pecking order, but Eternals is still quietly hoovering up those box office dollars, with the intergalactic adventure sitting on a global haul of $370 million heading into the weekend.

It also managed to offset a reputation as the franchise’s lowest-rated installment with both Rotten Tomatoes and CinemaScore by striking a chord with fans everywhere, which should realistically be enough to convince Kevin Feige and his team and a sequel is well worth awarding a green light.

Of course, the titular team will be a little light on numbers after high-profile duo Ajak and Ikaris failed to survive to the end credits, but in an interview with Bleeding Cool, Earth X writer and fountain of Eternals knowledge Jim Krueger explained how Richard Madden’s traitor could potentially return as Galactus.

“I think the MCU is an amazing place and I wouldn’t begin to throw them ideas… That said, in the back story continuity of Earth X, the former Galactus has become a star…because a star was once a sun, it leads me to wonder about the fate and potential irony of a certain Celestial-serving character who finds himself in the sun at the end of the movie. Could this character potentially and ultimately offer the balance to the cosmos if the Celestials became too powerful? Sounds like a pretty great person to become Galactus one day.”

The Devourer of Worlds is surely on his way to the MCU eventually whether it be via Eternals, Fantastic Four or otherwise, and having been transformed into a cloud for some reason in his only feature film appearance to date, we’re expecting a more comic-accurate version of Galactus second time out. That being said, the Ikaris thing is definitely interesting to think about.