Eternals Director Would Love To See A Marvel Vs. DC Crossover

eternals custom art yellow outline

Rival franchises don’t tend to acknowledge each other’s existence all that often, but that didn’t stop the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Eternals from making a couple of overt nods towards DC Comics icons Batman and Superman, which came as a surprise to many audiences given the professional rivalry between the two brands.

Fans have daydreamed about a big screen crossover ever since the MCU and DCEU first started doing battle at the box office, with James Gunn admitting that he’d floated the idea to both parties having planted one foot in either camp via the Guardians of the Galaxy series and The Suicide Squad.

Speaking to Fandango All Access, Eternals director Chloe Zhao also voiced her support for what would be the crossover to end all crossovers, should such a fanciful project ever manage to come to fruition.

“Who doesn’t? Of course I do, who doesn’t want to see that crossover? But we shouldn’t always get what we want, maybe it’s not good for us. Maybe some things should be held back.”

Something along the lines of Avengers vs. Justice League would almost be guaranteed to go down in the history books as the highest-grossing movie ever made, but you’d imagine that the contract negotiations between Marvel and DC would be heated to say the least when it comes to determining who would be made to look stronger. We can dream, though, but Eternals‘ references to Clark Kent and Alfred Pennyworth will have to do for now.