The Eternals May Introduce The Seventh Infinity Stone Into The MCU

Thanos Avengers: Endgame

With Avengers: Endgame now out of the way, it looks like the next truly big Marvel Studios smash hit is set to be The Eternals. The movie will apparently explore corners of the MCU that haven’t been touched upon yet, with Jack Kirby’s characters battling their way through history as they go up against their nemeses, The Deviants.

So far, we know that the pic will revolve around a being called Sersi – no, not that one – with Angelina Jolie likely taking the role. A few other cast members have been rumored as well, but to date, no one’s been confirmed by the studio just yet. With Comic-Con now underway though and Marvel set to host a panel in Hall H this weekend, that could change quite soon.

Until then, though, we’ve got an intriguing new theory from ScreenRant to dig into which suggests that The Eternals may actually introduce the seventh Infinity Stone into the MCU. Yes, the seventh.

Though we’ve only seen six to date, in the comics there’s actually another one called the Ego Stone and it’s closely related to the aforementioned Sersi. As ScreenRant explains, it was created during “a Marvel Comics crossover with their then-recently purchased company Malibu Comics. The crossover saw the Avengers fight the superteam known as Ultraforce as Loki and Grandmaster tried to get the Infinity Stones for themselves. The seventh Infinity Stone secretly resided in the Ultraverse and took hold of Sersi.”

Given that we know Sersi will be in the film, it’s not too crazy to think that Marvel will use The Eternals to introduce the Ego Stone. It could open up a ton of storytelling possibilities as well as it’s actually the most powerful of all the stones, so you can be sure a lot of people would want to get their hands on it and if someone with sinister intentions were able to acquire it, they could potentially do more damage than Thanos did.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. For now, plot details on The Eternals remain vague, but with Comic-Con now here and the Marvel panel only days away, we should learn a whole lot more about the film this weekend before it hits theaters later next year.