Eternals’ Lauren Ridloff Inspires Fans With New Video

Eternals fans are gushing over a new video put out by one of its stars, Lauren Ridloff, who plays Makkari in the film.

The movie centers around 10 immortal heroes sent to earth 7,000 years ago by the god-like Celestials, being larger than many planets who create new life in the universe. The heroes are tasking with defending humankind against the predatory aliens known as the Deviants.

Makkari is the films’ equivalent to DC’s The Flash, able to move at incredible speeds thanks to the cosmic powers endowed to her from the Celestials. She’s also the first deaf character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in a film that is an overall representational milestone for a number of reasons, but never comes across as unnatural in its execution.

In an inspiring video in apparent collaboration with W Magazine, Ridloff explains through sign language that she comes from “a family of storytellers.”

She said her mother told stories through art, her father through music, and her sister through dance. We see this all explained to us while Ridloff strolls on a beach, somewhat resembling the golden-hour-laden cinematography of Eternals. Take a look for yourself, below:

Fans are truly inspired by Ridloff, to say the least.

For may, this was a “beautiful and fun” highlight of the actor showcasing her talent as a communicator.

One person identifying as “hoh” noted Ridloff is “such an inspiration to me!”

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