Eternals Review Bombed For Representing “Woke Culture”

Eternals is almost here and in just under a week fans around the globe will have their chance to check out this highly anticipated addition to the MCU. Since its early screenings, the film has been receiving praise from critics and lucky fans alike for its unique story, ensemble cast, and setting up bigger things to come in the MCU.

Despite this praise, the film’s IMBD score has was quickly trashed earlier today as review bombers who have yet to see the film headed to the site leaving one-star reviews because of the film’s representation of the LGBTQIA+ community.

A lot of these negative reviews were seemingly driven by the inclusion of Marvel’s first openly gay superhero Phastos portrayed by Bryan Tree Henry. Though many simply condemned “woke culture”.

The swarms of review bombers claim that the inclusion of this representation has been done to “tick all the Hollywood Woke boxes” or to appreciate “woke and mediocre” culture. These reviews were captured by TheDirect before being taken down.

As mentioned before, none of these reviewers have yet seen the film and given that IMBD was quick to remove the scathing reviews from their page. Prior to their removal, there were more than 450 one-star reviews on the site dragging the film’s overall rating down to a 6.0.

The user ratings for Eternals have been turned off for the time being and will likely be brought back on release day so that legitimate fans can share their thoughts on the film.