The Eternals Rumored To Feature In Avengers 4 Post-Credits Scene


Once Avengers 4 has finished resolving the Avengers: Infinity War cliffhanger, wrapping up the character arcs of a few Phase 1 heroes, and done its best to live up to some insanely high expectations, audiences will be staying in their seats in the hope of seeing what the future holds for the MCU. And while the subsequent Spider-Man: Far From Home may seem like the most obvious choice of subject for a last-minute tease, a new rumor suggests that the bonus footage might instead be giving us a hint of one of the more cosmic adventures to come.

Frequent leakers Daniel R and Jeremy Conrad have teased that two characters from The Eternals – one of which may be Sprite – will feature in the post-credits scene of an impending Marvel release, and while it’s unclear where this idea came from, it’s hardly the most out-there of guesses. After all, Thanos’ most recent screen outing already had the roots of its story in some ancient MCU history by way of the Infinity Stones.

What’s more, reports last month indicated that The Eternals will contain connections to some pre-established MCU characters, and while we’ve yet to get official confirmation on such a claim, the Mad Titan looks like he could even have some family featured in the upcoming flick. That being said, Captain Marvel may also have a fair bit of overlap with Chloé Zhao’s next feature, though you have to wonder if Marvel would really be sadistic enough to end that movie with a tease for a film that isn’t Avengers 4.

One potential cause for doubting this report is that The Eternals probably won’t be going into production at least until the second half of next year, but if The Avengers can tease Thanos two years before his appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy, then surely one of Marvel’s next two outings can pull off something similar.

Regardless, after Captain Marvel comes out on March 8th, 2019, we’ll find out how the Russo Brothers plan to fill those precious last few moments of MCU Phase 3 screen time when Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3rd. Beyond that, The Eternals could be arriving as soon as late-2020.

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