Eternals Star Angelina Jolie Explains Why She Joined The MCU


Angelina Jolie is one of the most popular, talented, decorated and successful performers of the 21st Century, having headlined a string of box office smash hits and amassed a trophy cabinet overflowing with accolades that includes an Academy Award and three Golden Globes, so she’s exactly the sort of presence that would draw the gaze of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Kevin Feige’s franchise is famed for casting major names in either supporting, mentor or villainous roles to complement an ensemble that typically features a mix of esteemed veterans and fast-rising stars, and you get the sneaking suspicion that Chloé Zhao’s Eternals may not have been the first time she was approached about boarding the MCU.

In a new interview, Jolie explained why she decided to throw her lot in with the biggest brand in the business, especially when Eternals marks just her sixth live-action film appearance in close to twelve years.

“This was the real reason I wanted to make the film. It was to be part of such a diverse family, and it really didn’t matter to me what the size of the role would be. What surprised me the most about joining the MCU and working with Chloé was how grounded she was. The first time the cast met, she was barefoot and sat on the floor. It was through this first meeting that we discovered that we perceived ourselves as geeks and misfits, so that connected us all and added another layer to the story of Eternals. It was our quirks and differences that became our superpowers. Chloé is the great equalizer. Even though this was a massive, star-studded cast she was working with, she treated us with the same amount of attention and care.”

It also helps that Jolie’s action hero credentials are second to none, with the 46 year-old well-versed in the art of onscreen hand-to-hand combat, green screens, visual effects and bombastic pyrotechnics. Fans have been going wild every time they catch a new glimpse of the actress’ Thena, and having cut her teeth on 2008’s Wanted, the Oscar winner’s long-awaited return to the comic book genre looks to be one of Eternals‘ major selling points as the marketing campaign kicks into high gear, with less than nine weeks to go until the cosmic epic arrives.