Eternals Star Doesn’t Know If He’ll Return To The MCU

Kit Harington Eternals

The reviews continue to roll in for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Eternals, and things aren’t looking good. Not only is it now the lowest-rated movie in franchise history on Rotten Tomatoes, but it’s also in real danger of slipping into Rotten territory, with its current score hovering around the threshold at 61%.

That’s a turn of events that nobody could have seen coming, especially with a two-time Academy Award-winning filmmaker at the helm, but all eyes will now turn to the box office numbers from November 5 onward. The pandemic has given every major blockbuster a pass, but if Eternals doesn’t live up to expectations, it could realistically be the MCU’s first one-and-done effort since The Incredible Hulk.

With that in mind, it shouldn’t be a shock to hear Kit Harington say in an interview with Variety that he’s got no idea if he’ll be invited back or not, with the actor admitting that nothing is certain in Hollywood.

“Nothing is certain. That’s the first thing you learn in this industry. There is no certainty. To go in with any kind of feeling that something’s certain is setting yourself up for failure. I genuinely do go by the rule that this is the project, this is what I’m doing. I take it with the information that there’s a path and a future that could happen. But I don’t assume that that future is going to happen, because I think that’s foolish.”

We’ll be very interested to see what fans make of Eternals, and not the ones who’ve been review-bombing it already in the name of bigotry. Kevin Feige keeps his ear very close to the ground to hear what his audience wants, and if they give the intergalactic a thumbs down, then any future adventures could fall by the wayside.