Eternals Star Names The MCU Heroes They Want To Meet

One of the most exciting things about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for both fans and the talent that star in the various movies and TV shows, is the interconnected nature of the superhero saga. You never know who could show up where, never mind the when or why, with the doors to all sorts of exciting crossovers always wide open.

A couple of scenes in particular from Eternals have set the stage for what’s to come further down the road, but that doesn’t mean the members of the ensemble that didn’t have their next step explicitly teased can’t fantasize about who they may or may not end up bumping into one day in the future.

In a new interview with ComicBook, Barry Keoghan was quick to respond when asked which of the franchise’s marquee names he’d love to find himself sharing the screen with.

“Loki and Thor definitely, and Spider-Man. I love Thor: Ragnarok as well, that’s a deadly film.”

Thor seems a lot more likely at this stage, if only for the fact Chris Hemsworth’s Odinson is cosmic in nature like the Eternals, but nobody outside of Kevin Feige and his inner circle really knows what comes next. The MCU is meticulously planned out years in advance, so the architect of the world’s most successful film and television series constantly remains several steps ahead of his audience and employees.