Eternals writer explains how Eros and Thena could have known each other

Earlier this month Marvel launched its latest addition to the MCU bringing Eternals to the big screen for the very first time and while it explained a lot about their origins and motivations, it also left some things unanswered.

One thing that wasn’t explicitly detailed in the film took place in its post-credits scene when Eros, an Eternal from a different group than the main characters during the film arrived aboard the spacecraft to offer Thena, Druig, and Makkari help to track down their fellow Eternals.

During this scene, it is implied that Eros knows who Thena is regardless of the fact that they never met during the film, but screenplay writer Ryan Firpo broke down how this could be possible during an interview with The Direct.

“I think that on each individual mission, they were not—they don’t have any memories of communicating with other Eternals, I guess that’s what I would say. Maybe it happened on other planets. Maybe they even got swapped, and they did other missions on other planets with a different group.

But they don’t have any memory of that because their memories are wiped between each mission. So they were clearly aware that there were other Eternals out there. That’s built into their whole deal. But I don’t think they were in active communication with them.”

This explanation would seemingly imply that some of the Eternals who were followed during the film could have been a part of different groups of Eternals on different missions in the past.

While it is left up to interpretation what this could mean for the future with finding other Eternals being a goal of the team heading into the sequel, perhaps we’ll learn more about these relationships in the future.