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Even diehard horror fans don’t want a sequel to Netflix’s ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’

Horror fans are actually bored of badly made chainsaw based carnage.

Earlier this year Netflix attempted to bring Texas Chainsaw Massacre back from the dead. Results were mixed: it ended up at 32% on the Tomatometer with our own reviewer describing it as “an early contender to be named as the worst mainstream film of 2022” and that it’s “the worst entry in the series to date”.

Viewers were left disappointed, with it scoring a rock bottom 26% audience score and much mockery on social media. The flipside is that it was the #1 movie on Netflix on its opening weekend and so, of course, sequel rumors have begun to swirl.

Now even horror fans (no strangers to endless sequels) are hoping Texas Chainsaw Massacre stays dead.

Many are tired of endless franchises with roots in the 1970s and 80s.

Others simply say “no”:

One theory is that it’ll tie into the upcoming licensed video game:

This poster is right that the bus scene is excruciatingly bad:

And yes, Halloween is the best example of how to bring back a classic horror villain and Texas Chainsaw Massacre doesn’t even come close to it:

We’re holding out a faint hope that the filmmakers will take the criticism of the last movie on board and try to do better with the sequel. There’s no good reason a modern Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie shouldn’t work, but it has to be approached with a lot more style and imagination than we were served earlier this year.

Maybe it’s too much to be outright optimistic, but surely a sequel can’t be any worse… Can it?

More on Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 as we hear it.

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