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In Sony’s Universe of Marvel characters, fans were first introduced to symbiotes in the form of Venom. The anti-hero first appeared in the Sam Rami directed Spiderman 3 before receiving his own feature film in 2018.

Symbiotes are part of an interplanetary race called the Klyntar that appeared initially in The Amazing Spider-Man #252. These creatures get their name from their ability to form a symbiotic bond with a host. This bond can have effects on the host’s personalities and memories, but also gives them access to unique abilities.

While the films have only showcased a handful of symbiotes so far there are plenty more in the comics that could potentially make their way into the film universe in the future. Most of these have different abilities to one another and their own unique appearance.

Here is a list of the most notable Symbiotes in the Marvel comics.

All Symbiotes in the Marvel Universe



If you’re a fan of Marvel’s comics or films you’ll likely be familiar with Venom. The black and white symbiote began as a villain for Spider-Man before evolving into an anti-hero. The main host for Venom is Eddie Brock. Hosting his symbiote, Brock has been able to showcase a huge array of powers including superhuman strength, durability, stamina, regenerative healing, and even telepathy.


As Sony gears up to release its long-awaited sequel to 2018’s Venom, Venom: Let there be Carnage, this symbiote has been on the radar of Marvel fans and is most likely the second most well-known of the lot. The 999th generation of symbiote, Carnage has spawned from Venom himself and boasts similar abilities that are much more powerful. Carnage is most well known for its bonding with notorious serial killer Cletus Kasady and it appears like this will remain the same in the film.


The next generation of symbiote, number 1000, Toxin is the offspring of Carnage and the most powerful of the bloodline. Boasting the same abilities as the two generations before it, Toxin also has poisonous fangs that are where he gets his name. The symbiote also has an immunity to Spider-Man’s Spider Sense, making him an extremely challenging foe for the web-slinger.


No Symbiote can challenge the power of Knull. The god of symbiotes himself, Knull forged a sword called the All-Black that become the first symbiote before he forged himself a suit of symbiote armor from the living abyss. Using these tools, Knull waged war against the Silver Surfer and the armies that would come to challenge his reign.


Anti-Venom is a hybrid symbiote created when Eddie Brock’s Venom codexes were combined with his white blood cells thanks to some mystical assistance by Mister Negative. This form has abilities that the original Venom lacks, such as producing antibodies to cure disease and a corrosive touch to other symbiotes. While Brock was the first to host the Anit-Venom symbiote it is most commonly associated with Flash Thompson who, boded with it once it was recreated similarly to when he was host to Venom and became Agent Venom beforehand. 


A symbiote created by Knull during his siege on Earth, Plague bonded with the murderer Cortland Kassady and became one of Knull’s most useful allies. Aside from the standard Symbiote powers, Plague boasts the abiltiy to teleport and absorb the life force of its enemies.


A symbiote bonded to Donna Diego, Scream was forcefully spawned from parts of the Venom symbiote in an attempt by the Life Foundation to prepare a way to provide a comfortable life for rich customers during a nuclear fallout. While she boasts similar powers to Venom, uniquely, Scream uses her hair as a weapon much like web to wrap and tangle enemies.


Also part of the Life Foundation’s experiment, Lasher was hosted by Ramon Hernandez and had all the standard symbiote powers along with the abiltiy to manifest large tentacles to use as weapons.


Riot is another symbiote that was created as part of the Life Foundation’s experiments in the comics, however, you may recognize this symbiote as it is also the villain in 2018’s Venom. This symbiote is able to forge weapons from within its body and launch them at will. In the film, the symbiote is hosted by Carlton Drake, however, in the comics, its initial host was Trevor Cole.


Phage is like the other parts of the Venom symbiote from the Life Foundation’s experiment but with the ability to form its suit into blades that can be used as weapons. The original host was Carl Mach.


The final of the remaining parts from the Life Foundation’s experiment is Agony. This symbiote bonded to Leslie Gesneria and boasts the unique ability to spin acid that can burn through most objects, as well as absorbing chemicals itself.


When merged together, Phage, Agony, Riot, and Lasher create Hybrid. This symbiote boasts abilities from all four of these parts as well as upgraded versions of your standard symbiote powers.


Scorn is unlike other symbiotes as she is technology-based. After Carnage was torn apart in the Earth’s atmosphere it was discovered that it had remained alive, bonding with a new host on earth, Tanis Nevies, and creating Scorn. The most unique factor about this Symbiote is that it can merge itself with technology thanks to being both a machine and symbiote hybrid.


Much like Scorn, Payback boasts very different features to the other symbiotes. To start off, the suit itself looks to be a metallic coating rather than the traditional look. The host, Mavis Trent, was a former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D who led a double life as team leader of the True Believers. Payback boasts standard abilities as well as electromagnetic manipulation.


Mania was created using the severed tongue of Venom during his battle with The Thing. Once created by the Ararat Corporation, Mania chose not to bond with any of its intended hosts. Ultimately, it was forced to choose between bonding with a prison inmate or elderly women and chose to bond with the elderly women before violently murdering the inmate. Given that Mania is a clone of Venom, it should come as no surprise they boast the exact same list of powers. 


First appearing in X:Men: Kingbreaker #2, Zzzxx became one of the most intriguing symbiote suits as instead of feeding off a host’s adrenaline like other symbiotes, Zzzxx would slowly feed on its host’s brain.

The Others

These are the most notable symbiotes in the Marvel Universe, however, there are plenty more variations of these that have appeared over the years. As well as symbiote suits there are also viruses and other life forms that have been crafted as symbiotes such as the dragon Grendel wielded by Knull himself. 

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