Hulu Is Losing Tons Of Great Movies In July

The Dark Knight

Every month comes and every month this article demands to be written. It’s a tragic, inescapable fact that movies leave streaming services all the time, but it’s a privilege to be able to inform you when their number is up. I well up every time. No joke. I put a box of Kleenex on standby. Honest.

Today’s departure list concerns every film leaving Hulu at the end of July (on the 31st). Lots of names you won’t necessarily be familiar with, but I guarantee one will be impossible to miss.

A Life Less Ordinary (1997)
Batman Begins (2005)
Billy the Kid (2013)
The Chumscrubber (2005)
Constantine (2005)
The Dark Knight (2008)
Destiny Turns on the Radio (1995)
Diary of a Hitman (1991)
The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)
Freddy Vs Jason (2003)
Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991)
The Graduate (1967)
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)
Lady in a Cage (1964)
Men With Brooms (2002)
Moll Flanders (1996)
Mutant Species (1995)
Planet 51 (2009)
Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown (1977)
The Skull (1965)
Slums of Beverly Hills (1998)
Soul Food (1997)
Sprung (1997)
Tamara (2006)
Tank Girl (1995)
Thelma & Louise (1991)
Universal Soldier (1992)
Wayne’s World 2 (1993)

Yep, I’m of course talking about I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. Good one. No, it’s actually The Dark Knight. Christopher Nolan’s most famous film has a near-monolithic reputation, towering as it does in the superhero genre. That does its less flashy brother Batman Begins, also on the list, a bit of a disservice. It’s not as eye-catching, but it’s pretty damn good. Both stand as great pieces of modern filmmaking and if you haven’t caught either (for whatever reason) and you have a Hulu subscription, now’s the time to catch-up on some quality noughties cinema.

Nolan’s movies aren’t the only popular favourites leaving in July, though. 1967’s Academy Award winning comedy The Graduate is also on the list, as is Ridley Scott’s Thelma & Louise. I’ll leave the likes of Wayne’s World 2 to the more intrepid/foolhardy cinephiles among you.

Thinking of checking out any of these Hulu movies? Drop a comment with your picks below. At the time of writing, you’ve got 46 days to catch them all. Otherwise you’re back to piracy (not that I’d ever condone piracy). Act responsibly people.

I also still can’t help but wonder what future Hulu has now that Disney+ is in town, and Disney being Hulu’s parent company. I sense a great migration coming.