Every Venom Reference Revealed In The Morbius Trailer


Strap in, Marvel fans, because from now until the release of Morbius, the hottest topic is undoubtedly going to be how Sony’s next big movie after No Way Home fits not only into its own Spider-verse but the adjacent MCU.

While the two have yet to collide in any proper fashion, Venom: Let There be Carnage‘s infamous post-credits scene all but guarantees that exactly that is on the docket for the future. For now, any furthering of that marriage hinges almost entirely on Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s shoulders, but it’s looking increasingly likely that Morbius will also have a hand in expanding the crossover.

Chief among the big reveals shown in today’s official trailer are two unmistakable references to Tom Hardy’s turn as a symbiote host, with Jared Leto’s title character even jokingly claiming to be the anti-hero himself.

The second, much more subtle nod to Venom comes from a sequence of dialogue between two unnamed characters. Seemingly belonging to law enforcement, one officer, upon investigating a crime scene, chimes in with the exclamation that “We haven’t had anything this big since that thing in San Francisco,” a direct reference to Venom’s antics in the Golden State.

Is this all lip service, or are all parties involved with Marvel’s big-screen adventures building to something bigger? Find out for yourselves when Morbius opens in theaters, Jan. 28, 2022.