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Every Villain Teased In The Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer

Marvel fans have been waiting months for the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, and now it's here; it's not just thrilling, but also surprisingly dense, with hints at what to anticipate.

Spider-Man Green Goblin

Marvel fans have been waiting months for the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer; now that it’s here, it’s proving not just thrilling but also surprisingly dense with hints at what’s to come in the much-anticipated prequel.

Rumors have been swirling for a while that Spidey will face off against the Sinister Six in the movie, and though only one villain is outright shown in the trailer, it hints heavily at the presence of several more.

First, the trailer confirms that Alfred Molina is back as Doctor Octopus, with the (de-aged) Spider-Man 2-star appearing at the end of the trailer. Otto Octavius emerges from a smoke cloud to greet the web-slinger… though fans suspect he might really be talking to Tobey Maguire’s version.

The next most prominent villain tease concerns Green Goblin. Willem Dafoe’s unmistakable laugh is played over a shot of one of Norman Osborn’s pumpkin bombs being thrown into a highway. Despite the trailer emphasizing Ock, reports say Osborn will be the leader of the Six.

Jamie Foxx’s Electro is another one visibly hinted at. It looks like Max Dillon is part of the evil group’s concentrated attack on NYC civilians, as lightning bolts are seen blasting police and news cars in the street. Like Molina, Foxx has already revealed he’s involved in the film.

Another intriguing shot depicts Spidey in the middle of not just a lightning storm, but also an angry cloud of what looks to be sand. This has to be a nod to Sandman, hinting that Thomas Haden Church is returning as Flint Marko. It appears that Electro and Sandman have teamed up to take down the hero in this sequence.

The last villain tease is much harder to spot. At the 2:26 mark of the trailer, a tall figure approaches Peter from out of a shadowy area. It’s difficult to make out, but there’s definitely a reptilian vibe to the figure, especially the glimpse at his claw. This has to be Lizard, meaning Rhys Ifans could be back as Dr. Curt Conners.

As far as we can tell, the sixth villain isn’t featured in the trailer in any way, but Paul Giamatti’s Rhino has been rumored to fill that role. Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17th.

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