More Evidence Suggests That Cyborg Will Show Up In The Flash


Over the past few months, evidence has begun to mount that points towards Cyborg having a cameo of some sort in Rick Famuyiwa’s The Flash, which will be with us in 2018. We’ve heard that DC plans to develop a strong friendship between the two heroes, and while we know that they’ll obviously be working together in Justice League, it looks like that won’t be the only place we’ll see them standing side by side.

Despite denying rumors that suggested an appearance from Cyborg a couple of months ago, Famuyiwa is now teasing us with a Tweet that has led fans to believe that the hero might just show up in The Flash. You can check it out for yourself below and see what you make of it:

Though it may not appear to be showing us anything out of the ordinary, if you look closely you’ll notice a second Funko Pop! collectible figure standing beside the one of The Flash. It’s not clear who exactly it is, but many believe it’s Cyborg, and it’s not hard to see why.

Of course, this is far from official confirmation that he’ll be in the film. The director might just be toying with us and having some fun, but this, coupled with previous rumors have left us with a pretty good feeling that we’ll be getting at least a cameo from Cyborg when The Flash races into theatres on March 16th, 2018.

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