Evil Dead Mainstay Bruce Campbell Says Fans Will Dig Upcoming Incarnations


Ash Vs. Evil Dead is no more, and Bruce Campbell has officially retired from the role of legendary Deadite slayer Ash Williams, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the Evil Dead franchise has been shelved indefinitely.

For one, Campbell has no qualms about the horror series breaking new ground without him, which is just as well, considering Fede Alvarez has already expressed interest in making a direct sequel to his nerve-shredding Evil Dead remake.

Not only that, but longtime franchise producer Rob Tapert recently held talks with Sam Raimi about what the future may hold, with the general consensus being that a new movie is still possible, even after all these years and the aforementioned (and somewhat abrupt) cancellation of Ash Vs. Evil Dead.

And at least according to Bruce Campbell, viewers will be very pleased with the end result, after the actor took to Twitter (h/t Bloody Disgusting) to tease the “upcoming incarnations” of the Evil Dead series.

Asked if he’d consider performing motion capture and/or voice work for a possible Evil Dead video game, Campbell posted a rather intriguing response:

Fans are wonderfully nit-picky. I can’t talk particulars yet, but I think fans will dig the upcoming incarnations.

Couple this with the actor’s recent comments about the “unexplored stories and crossovers” still lurking in the Evil Dead universe and it would seem that the franchise is capable of adjusting to life without Ash Williams rather well.

Of course, we’ll have to reserve judgment until such time as Sam Raimi and Co. are ready to showcase their wares, but at least for now, Evil Dead fans can take solace in the fact that the iconic horror series is still alive and well.

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