The Evil Dead Remake May Have Found A Director

News about a remake of the Sam Raimi horror classic, The Evil Dead, has been circulating the internet this past week stating that the film is in the early stages of development. Rumors of Raimi himself being involved are still yet to be proven, but the original film’s star (Bruce Campbell) has unofficially Tweeted that the remake is alive and kicking with a director attached to it.

Federico Alvarez, who’s known for his popular internet short film Panic Attack!, is apparently at the helm of filming The Evil Dead remake.

Panic Attack! was released in 2009 with a massive following that attracted the attention of Raimi, who made a directing deal with Alvarez as part of Ghost House Pictures.

Alvarez is a talented young filmmaker who can apparently do wonders with a limited budget, which is what Raimi had to make do with while making the original Evil Dead. While I can see some people being concerned with the choice, as long as the project is overseen by Raimi and Campbell, early skepticism should be kept at bay.

Personally, I’m behind the project. A remake could be the perfect opportunity to get people acquainted with The Evil Dead series and hopefully reinvent horror films for modern audiences, just like it did in 1981.

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