Evil Dead WonderCon Teaser Reveals More Horror Footage

Evil Dead came to Austin, Texas for the annual South By Southwest festival, saw the hordes of superfans lining up for its premiere, and to the delight of fans everywhere, majorly conquered. While I personally didn’t make it to Texas, and despite the fact that I now hate each and every one of you who did out of blindly furious jealousy, horror fans can breathe a little easier knowing Fede Alvarez’s “remake” is the real deal.

You know who else can breathe easier now as well? The cast and crew of Evil Dead. They passed their first test with flying colors, and now it’s time to sit back and watch their film take the horror world by storm – or that’s what they would do if they weren’t so majorly stoked right now.

Riding the emotional high of their first victory, director Fede Alvarez, the original “Ash” himself Bruce Campbell, and producer Rob Tapert decided to add a personal introduction on the brand new teaser promoting the next stop on their festival tour – WonderCon Anaheim.

While the teaser just torments me with yet another destination screening I won’t be able to attend, the clips used to promote the film have not been seen by us “I’ve only seen the trailer” underlings. Apart from the really cool introduction, this teaser focuses on the horror and dark atmosphere of Evil Dead, backing the general consensus that Alvarez’s film is scary as hell. This isn’t an Evil Dead 2 remake, this is an Evil Dead remake – and apparently Alvarez does a tremendous job reminding us of that.

So yes, while I lay in my bed curled in the fetal position counting down the days until I can catch a midnight showing of Evil Dead on April 5th, at least I have a little more new footage to hold me over. But hey, if anyone knows where I can clone myself so I can leave my carbon-copy doppelganger at work for a week while I fly to Anaheim, that would be just dandy. Seriously, any genetic engineers want to help a dude out?!

Check out the new teaser trailer below!

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