Evil Eternal Uranos Could Be A Future MCU Villain Even Worse Than Thanos

eternals custom art yellow outline

Marvel’s Eternals has opened the doors to a whole new corner of the MCU, introducing us to the titular race of superpowered immortals. Chloé Zhao’s movie introduces us to the 10 Eternals who live on Earth, but in the comics, there are 100 Eternals spread around the galaxy, so there are plenty more to encounter in the future of the franchise. And one of them could prove to be a big threat if they’re ever brought to the screen.

In ancient times, an Eternal civil war was incited by the warlord Uranos, who believed that his race should use their superior might to rise up against humanity and conquer the world. His peaceful brother Kronos managed to defeat him, however, and Uranos and his followers, the Uranites, were exiled into space. They eventually settled — appropriately enough — on the planet Uranus.

On Uranus, the Uranites discovered a Kree outpost and raided it, using the tech to build themselves a ship and weapons, scheming to return to Earth and face Kronos once again. But their ship was destroyed by a Kree armada, which had come to investigate their missing supplies. Only one of Uranos’ followers survived: Sui-San. Sui-San gave up any plans for revenge when she settled on Titan with her new husband, A’Lars. Together, they had two children… Eros and Thanos.

Seeing as Eros was just introduced in Eternals‘ post-credits scene, as played by Harry Styles, we can probably expect more of Thanos’ family to follow. So an exploration of his mother’s origins could lead to Uranos making his way into the MCU, too. The villain heading back to Earth after millennia in exile in order to take over the planet would make for a strong premise for Eternals 2, assuming it happens.

Eternals is playing in theaters worldwide now.