Ewan McGregor And Brenton Thwaites Go On The Lam In First Trailer For Son Of A Gun


From first-time director Julius Avery, Son Of A Gun is an explosive action thriller exploring the aftermath of a prison break. Ewan McGregor tackles the lead as the charismatic Brendan, a manipulative criminal kingpin. Along for the ride as his sidekick is Brenton Thwaites’ sympathetic JR. The pair of accomplices rustle up a way out of the Australian slammer and strike up a professional deal on the outside.

In September, we brought you the first clip, which served as a very brief introductory moment between the pair of convicts. Definitely a tease for the bigger picture, there’s now a ton more footage in the full-length trailer that expands upon the dangerous relationship JR enters into with Brendan. There’s also a gold mine robbery and an impossibly gorgeous bit of love interest in the shape of Alicia Vikander thrown in for good measure. Well, it IS a heist flick.

Thwaites is turning into an impressive young actor, racking up a stream of high-profile projects in the last year alone. Seeing him charging alongside veteran thesp McGregor is a real delight and hopefully a sign of bigger and better things to come for the lad. You can catch the pair in Son Of A Gun when it’s released on DirecTV December 11th followed by a theatrical release on January 16th.

An edge-of-your-seat heist thriller starring Ewan McGregor and talented newcomer Brenton Thwaites, Son of a Gun tells the story of a young man who is drawn into the lawless world of a notorious criminal. While locked up for a minor offence, 19-yr-old JR (Thwaites) becomes apprentice to the enigmatic Brendan Lynch (McGregor), a calculating crime boss with connections both inside and out.

After helping Lynch and his crew orchestrate a daring prison escape, JR is invited to join in on their next job – a high stakes heist that promises to deliver millions. But as they plan the heist, JR begins to suspect he is being played and soon finds himself on a collision course with his mentor in a very dangerous game. The impressive debut feature of Australian writer/director Julius Avery, this taut psychological thriller, both artful and laced with action, palpably gets under your skin.

Source: Indiewire