Here’s The Exact Time The New Justice League Trailer Will Drop, And How Long It’ll Run


Even though it’s always much appreciated whenever we receive high resolution images or a round of posters in support of the next blockbuster movie, it’s undoubtedly the trailers that have everyone talking most. After all, what better way to pass the time while waiting for the big screen debut of the Justice League than with a generous amount of new footage?

Now, we already knew to expect the final preview this Sunday, but odds are you were probably wondering exactly when you should affix your eyes to your computer, tablet or phone. Well, thanks to the official Justice League Movie Twitter page, we have our answer: Sunday at 9AM ET / 6AM PT! Really, could you have asked for something better to watch while you eat your cereal?

And, according to Alberta, a Canadian provincial website that rates movie trailers, the official runtime of said promo is that of two minutes and 25 seconds. Now that we have that out in the open, one can only wonder if Superman will finally be included in one of these babies, perhaps even in his black suit. If not, we’re sure to see at least a few never before revealed badass action scenes, regardless.

But even with the Man of Steel being absent yet again, it’s hard not to marvel at the above image that displays the various costumes being worn by some of DC’s biggest names. Plus, we can’t help but notice that Wonder Woman proudly stands front and center, which is appropriate given her recent box office success.

Justice League opens in theaters on November 17.