You Can Now Own A Bill & Ted Life-Size Phone Booth For $8,000


We’re pretty excited for the return of Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves this year in Bill & Ted Face the Music, wherein the titular pair have to deal with middle-age and a new quest through time to save humanity. We haven’t seen too much of it just yet, but the latest teaser for the third movie in the series, available above, asks us to “Be excellent to each other” and features the iconic phone booth used by Bill and Ted to travel through time. And now, fans of Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted Logan’s exploits can take their love of the films a step further by purchasing a life-size recreation of the phone booth.

Retailing for about $8,000, Cubicall are offering the phone booth as an authentic model of the time-traveling device, with pre-orders open for May delivery. Cubicall have timed their promotion to tie into the recent Super Bowl commercial featuring Alex Winter, and are clearly hoping that there’re enough nostalgic fans who want a booth in their home or office. In terms of the latter, Cubicall mainly appear to provide private booths to offices as a way of shutting out the rest of the workplace, but also have the savvy to recognize a good tie-in when they see it.

Wisely recognizing that a traditional phone booth doesn’t have much practical value anymore, the Cubicall limited edition adds VoIP and a landline service to the retro payphone. Furthermore, the design of the booth is based on Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, rather than the upcoming sequel, and includes an umbrella time-travel antenna. Those worried about the costs of getting the booth cross-country may be relieved to know that it can be flat packed, if not sent through time circuits.

While it may be a bit tricky to decorate around a replica phone booth, fans of the series will likely find a way, and, at the very least, will be picking up a good conversation starter. Those not able to stretch to the $8,000 booth though can still look forward to Bill & Ted Face the Music, which will be with us on August 21st.

Source: MovieWeb