Exciting New Batwing Video From The Dark Knight Rises Set

Early set photos of the newly minted Batwing displayed on the set of The Dark Knight Rises have gotten a positive reaction from the film community. People seem to like what they see and this is mainly due to director Christopher Nolan‘s insistence on using real props for action scenes instead of relying on CGI, like most big blockbusters do.

Another big moment was caught on camera today that not only features Batman’s sleek ride, but also has it going toe-to-toe with Bane’s HEMTT (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck).

There’s a whole bundle of videos below that cover all the different angles of the showdown on the set. Although it’s not that much, they do contain explosions and careless driving. If anything, these videos reaffirm the trust laid upon Nolan’s shoulders for his final Batman film since he once again believes that special effects aren’t always the solution.

Imagine if all directors agreed with this philosophy and didn’t use the lazy approach for filming, action scenes would carry as much weight and grandeur as the Joker-truck vs. Batpod sequence in The Dark Knight.

By the look of things, it seems Nolan is going for the same affect for the sequel, which is sure to dazzle audiences next summer when The Dark Knight Rises is released.

Check out the videos below!