Exclusive Clip For Acclaimed Japanese Thriller The World of Kanako

To commemorate the film’s recent arrival across Amazon, iTunes, Vimeo, We Got This Covered has an exclusive clip to share for The World of Kanako, Tetsuya Nakashima’s (Confessions) visceral cinematic treat that premiered across VOD services on December 4.

Picked up for distribution by Drafthouse Films, Nakashima’s thriller made its bow in Japan back in 2014, where it was met with rave reviews for its arresting story and barnstorming sense of style, which you daren’t take your eye off. Harkening back to the more extreme cinema coming out of Asia, The World of Kanako follows the titular Kanako Fujishima (Nana Komatsu), a young teenage girl who suddenly disappears, calling her haunted father (Kōji Yakusho) out of retirement in order to search for her himself.

What follows is a spiralling descent into the grimy underbelly of the city, and Kanako’s father finds himself exposed to the lurid world of drugs, sex and violence in search for his wayward daughter.

Tetsuya Nakashima’s revenge opus is now available to download from iTunes. In the meantime, you can catch up with our review of The World of Kanako from last year’s London Film Festival.

An uncompromising revenge thriller of operatic scope, The World of Kanako is a non-stop visual and emotional assault to the senses as it follows troubled ex-detective Akikazu on the hunt for his missing teenage daughter, Kanako. What he discovers in his search is an unsettling and harrowing web of depravity surrounding both Kanako and himself. As Akizaku stumbles along a shocking trail of drugs, sex and violence, he finds himself woefully unprepared for the revelations that affect all he holds dear.