Exclusive Interview: Art Parkinson Talks Kubo And The Two Strings


We’ve all been impressed with Laika Animation’s stop-motion technique, from Coraline to Paranorman, their films have dazzled us all, but the studio’s latest effort, Kubo and the Two Strings, is their most ambitious and beautiful film to date, a lush feast for the eyes coupled with a story that’s rich with culture. Not only that, but it also marks the directorial debut of Laika’s CEO, Travis Knight, and it’s clear this is a project that’s very close to his heart.

Kubo tells the story of a young Japanese boy (Art Parkinson) who takes care of his invalid mother in a cave above the sea. Every day, he goes into the local village and delights the denizens by telling elaborate stories about his late father, a great Samurai warrior, using paper origami figures and his magical musical instrument.

It’s not long though before he’s confronted with his mysterious past, and is sent on a quest by his mother to find his father’s magical armor in order to defeat a vengeful spirit wanting to take Kubo away forever.

At the film’s LA press day, we had the chance to sit down Parkinson to discuss how he tapped into the character, the prep work he did before production began, working on his American accent, his time spent on Game of Thrones and much, much more.

Hear what he has to say in the video above and be sure to catch Kubo and the Two Strings as it’s now playing in theatres.