Exclusive Interview With Christian Larson And Amy Thomson On Leave The World Behind


How did both of you first react when you heard that they were breaking up?

AT: I remember I was shocked and surprised, but I was also relieved. It had been bubbling for so long and they just had to do it. We had achieved everything we wanted to achieve on that journey. If you just get comfortable and stay on the same journey then you just get lazy. And that’s what happened to us. We all felt unchallenged by staying in that lane. I think it’s probably the smartest thing they could have done.

CL: I just like “oh shit.” And then my second thought was “we should film the last part of this journey.”

Are either of you still involved with the boys at all?

AT: Of course. I still manage Axwell, Seb [Ingrosso] and the band, because we still have numerous sync processes and brand work, plus the movie.

CL: We have a great relationship, so who knows what will happen in the future.

What are the release plans for the film, where can fans see it?

AT: Every day we’re announcing new cinemas that become part of the process. Right now, there’s 62 showings in Sweden, 32 showings in India, numerous premieres going on this week, etc. And then next week we’re announcing 162 screens worldwide plus various streaming partners like Vimeo and iTunes. The digital download should be at the start of May and theatrical will be throughout April.

Christian, what was the biggest challenge for you in making this film?

CL: Doing justice to a band that reached such a high level of fame and success. And also to tell a break up story but also to show the scale and impact that Swedish House Mafia had. I wanted to show the full experience and every side of it.

What do you hope that fans takeaway from the film after seeing it?

CL: I hope that they feel it’s an honest portrayal of a band that they helped form. And I hope that they get to experience all the ups and downs, and some great fucking music from Swedish House Mafia.

Have you done any fan screenings?

AT: Yup, and they all love it. And initial press reactions have all been phenomenal, too, which is great. It’s nice that everyone got to see how seriously they took their career and the scale of what they achieved worldwide. You come away really understanding what the fuck those boys did and it’s really opening people’s eyes.

That concludes our interview, but I’d like to thank Christian and Amy very much for their time. Be sure to check out Leave the World Behind when it hits theatres next month.