Exclusive Interview: Horror Icon Bonnie Aarons Talks The Nun


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When you were dressed in the full garb of Valak you probably didn’t want to be seen to instill actual fear in the actors, was there a process set up for that?

Bonnie: I didn’t understand why they were so scared of me. I am an actress and this is my job. And let me say that Taissa Farmiga is the most generous scene partner I ever had. I love her. I’m a huge horror fan, as you know. I treasure it and love working with Corin and James, and am forever grateful to them and New Line and Warner Bros. for allowing me to portray their monster.

Was there anything you were allowed to personally bring to the character?

Bonnie: Absolutely! We collaborated, and Corin loved the character after seeing The Conjuring 2. It was also a passion for the material. I remember before I left for Romania Corin and I got together for a meeting. He said he wanted to reenact the Marlon Brando scene in the water from Apocalypse Now, and I said, “Yes! I want to do that!” He asked me if I can hold my breath underwater and I said, “F*** yes!” My desire to make that scene look perfect outweighed my desire to want to take a breath. I wanted it to look perfect.

Many people have now put you up on the list with all of the most famous horror villains who are mainly a boy’s club. How do you feel about the fans placing you in such a prestigious category and do you hope it opens the door for other female genre antagonists?

Bonnie: Number one, I am so thankful for James Wan giving me this job. It was equal opportunity and I was up against two men on the callback for The Conjuring 2. James Wan is my heart, and I thank New Line and Warner Bros. for giving me the chance to play this character again. I am so thrilled to show the industry that a woman can do this type of role that has been dominated by men throughout history, and I definitely hope it opens more doors.

What was your reaction to the immense global box office success of The Nun, and did you do any personal celebrating?

Bonnie: But of course! It’s gothic horror and people love horror, and this is a beautiful and gorgeous film.

What was your reaction to the Tweet James (Wan) gave you on your birthday to thank you personally?

Bonnie: I cried. I literally cried. It was the most acknowledging thing anyone has ever done for me in this business. I was in tears. He made up this character and it’s like I popped right out of his head. Every time he blinks his eyes he comes up with a new idea. The man’s a genius. I am so extremely grateful to him for this opportunity.

Now that Valak is a global sensation once again, what would you like the next step in your well-deserved career evolution to be?

Bonnie: I would like to keep working! I am so happy to get these chances and I just want to continue entertaining fans.

Bonnie, you are a great friend and I am so happy and proud of all of your success. Thank you so much for choosing me to do this exclusive with you tonight.

Bonnie: I love you too, Rob. Thank you so much, and remember to keep praying.

That concludes our interview, but if you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out The Nun, as it’s now in theaters everywhere.

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