Exclusive Video Interview With The Cast And Director Of Cesar Chavez


This week, director/actor Diego Luna is bringing us Cesar Chavez, a biopic on the famous American labor rights leader who was instrumental in founding the United Farm Workers. The film focuses on Chavez’s struggles as he fought for better treatment of Mexican farm workers who were suffering brutality and frequent racism from their Californian employees. It’s a story that is still timely even in today’s society, and it’s a fascinating look at a piece of history that unfortunately, too many people are still unfamiliar with.

The film itself is a bit straight-forward and typical for a biopic about an important historical figure, but thankfully, the performances really elevate the material. Michael Pena is fantastic in the titular role and the supporting cast all do excellent jobs, too. Despite a few flaws, Cesar Chavez is still an interesting, and at times even riveting, look at its subject and the hardships that he had to overcome.

Last weekend in Los Angeles, a press junket was held for the film. While there, I had the chance to sit down for an exclusive interview with Luna, Pena and American Ferrera, who plays Chavez’s wife. They spoke about why it was so important to tell this story, when they first heard about Chavez and what he accomplished, and much more.

Check it out in the video below and be sure to catch Cesar Chavez as it’s now in theatres!