Exclusive Video Interview: The Cast Of The Overnight Talk Improvisation And Unpredictability


A playdate between two young children becomes a rather crazy evening for their parents in The Overnight.

At the start of the film, we’re introduced to Alex (Adam Scott) and Emily (Taylor Schilling), a couple who have just moved to Los Angeles with their young son. While at a local park, they meet a man named Kurt (Jason Schwartzman), who invites them back to his home for a fun filled evening with his wife, Charlotte (Judith Godrèche).

As the night progresses, Alex and Emily get further out of their comfort zone thanks to some prodding from Kurt and Charlotte and the intake of an array of substances which Kurt provides. They carry on well into the night (after all, only in America do we let kids determine when the night is over) and things get weirder and weirder with every passing moment.

Last week in Los Angeles, I attended the press day for The Overnight, where I spoke with Taylor, Jason, Judith and Adam. During our exclusive interview, they discussed how unpredictable the screenplay was, how much improvisation was involved, what they brought to the movie that was not in the script and what it was like filming the climactic sex scene.

Check it out above and be sure to catch The Overnight when it opens in theaters on June 19th.