Exclusive Video Interview: Garry Marshall Talks Mother’s Day


With Garry Marshall’s latest all-star ensemble film, Mother’s Day, we see several stories about all different types of mothers weaved together for a humorous and heartwarming experience.

Spinning a yarn around the titular holiday in the same vein as the director’s other themed efforts – namely Valentine’s Day and the much-maligned New Year’s EveMother’s Day places a laser focus on the core cast of Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Jason Sudeikis and Julia Roberts, rather than spreading a wafer-thin narrative across a massive ensemble. That said, Marshall’s latest – written by Anya Kochoff-Romano and Lily Hollander – still orbits around a series of overlapping stories set against the holiday occasion.

This time, Aniston’s single mother and recent divorcée Sandy is searching for a significant other; Hudson’s workaholic mom makes it her mission to connect with her own mother; Roberts’ Miranda is an astute TV host; and Jason Sudeikis closes out the core lineup as a fellow single parent who strikes up a bond with Aniston’s Sandy. Finding romance on Mother’s Day, who’d have thunk it?

At the film’s recent press day, we sat down for an exclusive interview with Marshall, who spoke about his relationship with Kate Hudson and her mom Goldie Hawn, the struggles of being a mother, keeping up with technology and much more.

Hear what they have to say in the video above and be sure to check out Mother’s Day as it’s now in theatres everywhere!