Exclusive Video Interview With Leighton Meester And Gillian Jacobs On Life Partners


Leighton Meester and Gillian Jacobs make a wonderful pair of best friends in Life Partners, a romantic comedy that marks the feature film directorial debut of Susanna Fogel.

The movie focuses on two very different girls who have quite the co-dependent relationship. Sasha (Meester) is a lesbian and an aspiring musician who has been slacking off in life recently, and Paige (Jacobs) is a straight type-A personality who has a more or less successful practice as a lawyer.

The two spend endless hours together as they look for excuses not to enter the dating world, but then Paige meets Tim (Adam Brody), a charming and geeky doctor whom she soon finds herself getting serious with.

This, of course, causes a shift in her friendship with Sasha, as she begins to get cast aside. As the two try to find way to keep their relationship strong, they begin to wonder if growing up also means growing apart.

Both Meester and Jacobs were a joy to talk with at the Life Partners press day, which was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, California last week. They spoke about what drew them to this movie, how it doesn’t have any of those stereotypical romantic comedy characters, and of what they hope audiences get out of it.

Check out our exclusive interview in the video above, and be sure to catch Life Partners as it’s now playing in theatres.