Exclusive Video Interview: Lenny Abrahamson Talks Room


*Please excuse the quick technical hiccup that occurs at about the 9:00 mark in the video, as there was an issue with the camera and we unfortunately lost a few seconds of recording.

Irish filmmaker Lenny Abrahamson broke through to American audiences with Frank, a comedy-drama which starred Michael Fassbender as a band leader who covers his face with a paper-mache mask. The film was an amazing critical success, and now Lenny has topped it with his latest effort, Room.

An adaptation of Emma Donoghue’s acclaimed novel, the movie stars Brie Larson as Joy, a young woman who is raising her five year old son Jack in captivity. We eventually learn that Joy was kidnapped several years ago by a man who tricked her into helping him find his dog, and now the time has come for her and Jack to escape their surroundings and get back to the real world. But upon returning home, they both come to discover that leading a normal life is an even bigger challenge than they originally thought.

At the recent press day for Room, which was held in LA, we caught up with Abrahamson for an exclusive interview. During our discussion, he described the many challenges he had in shooting the film on such a tiny set, and how Room is so much more than just an abduction story.

Check out the interview above for to hear what Lenny had to say and be sure to catch Room when it opens in movie theaters on October 16th.