Exclusive Video Interview With Tom Hardy And Steven Knight On Locke


Though he had a couple of very big years from 2010-2012, actor Tom Hardy has gone quite as of late. His last role was as Bane in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, but since then, he hasn’t really appeared anywhere. After taking a much deserved break, and going off to make some more movies, the British thesp is now back with Locke, a compelling thriller from writer/director Steven Knight.

Featuring just one setting and one character, the film sees Hardy playing the titular Ivan Locke, a man who is taking a drive to London one night when he receives a phone call that sets in motion a change of events that could change his life forever. After making the rounds on the festival circuit, Locke is arriving in theatres today and the reviews are glowing, with our very own Jordan Adler saying the following:

“Locke is a minimalist near-masterwork, throttled by a tour de force performance from Tom Hardy and Steven Knight’s smart direction.”

This past week, both Hardy and Knight were in New York City to promote the film and I had the chance to sit down with them for an exclusive interview. They spoke about the challenges of balancing the humor in such a serious story, the difficulties of having only one actor on screen, why Ivan’s father is important to the story, and more.

Check it out in the video below and be sure to catch Locke as it’s now playing in theatres everywhere!