Expect To See More Of The Joker After Suicide Squad

Given that the Joker isn’t a part of Task Force X, it’s not necessarily a guarantee that he’ll stick around after his appearance in Suicide Squad. And while we still don’t know exactly what Warner Bros. plans to do with the character after the much anticipated DC Comics adaptation lands in theatres next week, if it’s up to Jared Leto, we’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of Mr. J in the future.

“I hope it’s an introduction (of the Joker) … and not the end!” Leto told The Toronto Sun. “Because I could easily just play the Joker a couple more times and then retire. Because it’s so fulfilling and so creative and it’s so imaginative. It’s really difficult to think about doing anything else!

I think it would be incredible to see Batman and the Joker go head-to-head! This Batman and this Joker. I mean, I don’t know, that might be too much! But that would be fun.”

In all likelihood, the studio has big plans for the Joker. He’s too iconic to only appear in their DCEU just once, not to mention that it seems like Jared Leto is going to steal the show here and audiences will no doubt want more of him. Where he’ll end up next though is up for debate, and even the actor isn’t sure (not that he would be able to say even if he was).

“Well, I plan on returning as the Joker whether they (Warner Bros and the DC producers) like it or not! So you may see me at a theme park or something, I don’t know. Or on Hollywood Blvd., accepting donations for photos. I don’t know yet, but I think it is all up to audiences. If audiences respond to the Joker and they want more, I’m pretty sure that they’re going to get what they want!”

We’ll know more once Suicide Squad opens on Friday, but again, it would be foolish for Warner Bros. to not use the Joker again in future films. Whether it’s a sequel, spinoff, or perhaps in the solo Batman movie, the Clown Prince of Crime will more than likely be showing up again somewhere down the road.