Expect A Sibling Rivalry With Captain America: Civil War


It sure has been a big weekend for Captain America: Civil War. After our first look at Black Panther in the film, Marvel finally unveiled the highly-anticipated trailer to those in attendance at D23. While it hasn’t made its way online just yet, reactions have emerged from the convention and so far, they’re extremely positive.

Both Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans were on hand to present the footage and after the presentation, they stayed back to field questions from eager journalists, touching on what to expect from the upcoming film and how the titular war will play out.

When asked if the gloves would be coming off between some of the characters, Mackie said:

Nah, it’s not MMA. We definitely have gloves on. It’s more a family dispute, and that’s what so great about this movie and the characters and how they work together. It’s more so when you have a sibling rivalry. The reason why people can relate to these characters so much, is because they can relate to what they’re going through. Everybody’s fought with one of their siblings or one of their friends and wanted to make up with them but couldn’t figure out how to do it.

Evans added:

Well said. I feel like families – you have more struggles with the people you love [because] you care about them. You can’t leave them, you have to make this work. If it’s someone you can cut out of your life, no problem.  You may not get along, but you can’t just cut them out of your life.

I have to agree with Evans, and he makes a good point. These characters have been friends and allies for a long time, they can’t just go their separate ways. They may be in dispute with one another, but ultimately, they do have to find a way to make things work, which should make the dynamic quite interesting.


The other thing that was spoken about was some of the relationships, particularly those between Cap, Falcon and the Winter Soldier. When asked about it, Evans said:

Marvel has a lot of balls in the air, you have a lot of movies that they’re trying to bring together. There’s a lot of things that they’re trying to marry and when you have characters like Falcon and Winter Soldier, these movies are really compressing these storylines. In this movie alone, there’s the relationship between Cap and Falcon, the relationship between Cap and Winter Soldier.

So, it definitely sounds like there’s a lot to look forward to when Captain America: Civil War storms into theatres in March. Aside from setting the stage for phase 3, and introducing us to some exciting new characters (Black Panther!), the film will dive into some areas that we don’t often see explored in the genre. While I’m sure it won’t go terribly deep, the whole dynamic of these people having to choose sides and face-off against one another should certainly add an interesting element to the proceedings.